Carriow Mellows Out on “Wait Yea?”

Carioww is such an underrated artist that I absolutely needed to cover ASAP. His unique voice and unmatched flows caught my attention in all of his music.

His most recently released single titled “Wait Yea?” is arguably my favorite from him so far. The cloud-type beat mixed with the laid back vocals from Carioww make for a mellow and chill vibe. 

The production is backed by @nate22 which sets the tone for track right off the bat. Before the song truly starts, Carioww starts humming melodically which puts the listener in a trance immediately which follows up with the catchy hook. 

Don’t be surprised if Carioww blows up here in the next year as the sky’s the limit for him. He’s made it known that nobody wants it as bad as him and he’s hungry for success.

Check out “Wait Yea?” Down below!


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