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Vine Star Turned Artist: Who is Seventh Angelo AKA Dope Island?

Seventh Angelo is such a talented artist that not many people have heard of quite yet. Better yet, I’m 99% sure that if I told you that he was one of the best known content creators from now-defunct app Vine, you’d know exactly who I’m talking about. He was known and still known as Dope Island but in music perspective, his other alias is Seventh Angelo.

The 22-year-old artist has been on my radar ever since 2018 when I got absolutely hooked on his successful EP titled ‘Love Over Fear’ He has two singles on that EP that has surpassed a million streams on SoundCloud which is “Spirits,” and “Tonight.” 

Back in March of this year, he released an eight-track EP titled “Love On The Way,” which really tests his versatility. He showcases his talent with hyperpop-esque beats yet manages to match that on more mellow melodies. My personal favorites off of the include “Pretty Boy Potent,” “Not Playing,” as well as “On My Life.” Don’t get it twisted though, this tape is a masterpiece from start to finish.

Although he has an amazing catalogue on major streaming platforms, he has exclusive releases on his SoundCloud that shouldn’t be treated any less. One of my personal favorites is actually a SoundCloud exclusive titled “WHERE 2 GO,” which features an unforgettable chorus as well as memorable verses. The production alone on that track will put you in a trance.

I’d highly suggest you listen to Seventh Angelo because I guarantee that you’ll be hooked.

Songs to listen to for first listeners: Cartoon, Sprits, Look Around, and Forever

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