TiaCorine Scores on “Lotta Part 2” With DaBaby & Overcast

Grooverelly fan-favorite TiaCorine just released the videos for her smash hit ‘Lotto Part 2’ which features DaBaby. The video is directed by Arizona-based media group Overcast

To see how much TiaCorine has slowly been making her way to the top is astonishing. The North Carolina rapper has gotten co-signs from big artists such as A$AP Rocky and SZA just to name a few.

The visuals really emphasize on the hook of the song where TiaCorine sings “I don’t give a fuck, I’ll beat a bitch up.” Whereas in the end of the video, she is seen portraying herself beating a female up.

It’s no doubt that TiaCorine is on her way to the top and she’s not looking back either. Once you match one of the best upcoming artists along with one of the best upcoming media groups, it’s bound to be an amazing work of art.

Check out the video for ‘Lotto Part 2’ Below!

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