BIGBABYGUCCI – “Before Us” (Music Video)

“Before Us” visual arrives a month after the music video for “Dinero”, which was first to be released from the 1 Night I Took Acid project.

I’m excited and grateful to be writing about BIGBABYGUCCI again. The Charlotte, NC native’s career is on a rocket headed to the top of the charts. He has definitely been on a hot-streak so far in 2021 delivering two full projects and kicking off his 1 Night I Took Acid Tour (the first under his Better Temperatures label and featuring it’s signees). Four days ago, the artist known for his melodies traded them in for some raw vocals while rapping over the instrumentals of “Loose Change” and “Rich and Broke”. Both tracks are originally produced by The Alchemist off of the This Thing Of Ours project. BBG continues his run today with a music video for “Before Us”, the second-to-last track found on 1 Night I Took Acid

Out of the 12 songs on 1 Night I Took Acid, this one was actually my favorite, and it’s the lyrics for me. “Gotta thank the ones that’s before us, even though them n*ggas didn’t know us”, BBG sings on the hook. He’s stressing the importance of acknowledging the past and how it shapes/impacts the present. “Before Us” has a light-hearted bounce, clean-cut high-hats, and smooth strings accompanied by hard rim shots and a swelling sound to fill the song up. The ballad sounds like what I’d expect to hear while walking through the background of the album’s cover art, an open field of grass and flowers adjacent to a clear blue sky. 

While watching this, see if you can point out the detail on the side of BBG’s sunglasses (something I didn’t catch until my third time viewing lol).

BIGBABYGUCCI – Before Us [Official Video] / Dir. BIGBABYGUCCI / Shot by ReelBump

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