Kankan Secures the Bag on “Austin”

If you haven’t heard of Kankan yet, I’m sure that you will be here pretty soon. The upcoming artist hailing from Dallas started making music in 2016 with producing and has slowly been making his way to the top ever since. Working alongside Lil Pump, Yung Bans and many more.

Just last Saturday, Kankan released a thrilling single titled ‘Austin’ which features production by plutobeatz, bayley, and seanbaby. The two-minute track features a very catchy hook in which Kankan feels like Uzi and Pluto(Future) with the rockstar chains. The references to the bigger artists now showcase the ultimate influence they have on the up-and-coming artists. 

The production was very energetic from the start as the 808’s hit almost immediately. The complimentary rage melody along with the very subtle hi-hats and claps mix very well with Kankans vocals.

Kankan has recently been spotted hanging out with rage members Trippie Redd, K Suave and others which have ultimately been helping him gain traction. I’d say give it a year and Kankan will be in the mainstream.

Check out ‘Austin’ down below!


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