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“Nocturnal” Album – Q&A with Prada-G

An album… what is it? The dictionary points out it is a collection of recordings and online sources say six or more songs… But I would argue, an album transports you – to a world unknown – into the mind of the artist. “Prada-G” delivers a highly elevated production and thought-provoking album with “Nocturnal.” Garnering vocal appearances from Grooverelly favorites LiL Lotus and ericdoa, in addition to features from BRYOZA and kaygee, this nine-track project requires top-notch headphones to properly submerge you in the trance-like rap-alt-pop bliss.

This album wittingly encapsulates the essence of 2021 thus far. The lyrics truly perpetuate feelings of self-determination, self-actualization and some heavily coded bars. Nocturnal, the album, was my first introduction to Prada-G’s eloquent lyrical ability. Whether his vocals are distorted, or have a more pop-like rendition, it is done aside the most captivating production thanks to CULTPOP Media. His voice seems to echo comparisons to the bar ability of Logic and edginess of Token. There is subtle hyperpop influences embedded within to add that spice that is truly Prada-G. It is well worth your listen at only 19 mins 16 secs!

Naturally, after discovering this awesome sound, I wanted to know more about the man behind the music… The man behind the mask worn on the album art. Here are some questions to learn just a little more about the talents of Prada-G:

Question 1: What is your name outside of music?

Prada-G: “Michael Padilla.”

Q2: When/Where were you born, and how long have you been making music?

Prada-G: “I was born in 1995 in Long Beach, CA but currently live in the Inland Empire. I’ve been making music since I was 14 years old.”

Q3: How long was the recording process for your album “Nocturnal?”

Prada-G: “’Nocturnal’ took about a year and a half to complete.”

Q4: What inspired the album? Favorite song on the album?

Prada-G: “Honestly the inspiration for ‘Nocturnal’ was from a self-reflective standpoint and how I’m personally affected by the current times we live in. It’s not a concept album, but definitely has underlying messages throughout, especially in the title track: ‘Nocturnal.’ But as far as my personal favorite song off this project, it’s ‘Don’t Care’ which was also free-styled in one take.”

Q5: If you could have any superpower what would it be, and why?

Prada-G: “If I had a superpower, it’d probably be the ability to teleport. I don’t need to fly or have some superhuman strength – I just wanna go wherever the fuck I’d like instantly.”

Get lost in the triumphant sounds of Prada-G’s album below and/or check out his Instagram by clicking here. #staytuned.



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