JMSN reinvents with Rolling Stone Music Video

The Panasonic cassette tape, a pack of cigarettes, and a turtleneck all filtered through a black and white backdrop.

JMSN has welcomed his fans back to the Soul, R&B, and Pop artist we have grown to appreciate over this last decade. Directed by Pablo Riesgo, this four minute fifty-five-second video captures beautiful elements that bring the track to life.

In the beginning of the video you are introduced to an aerial shot of JMSN popping a tape into the cassette player. The music builds up into the layers of JMSN vocals creating this ambience feel which then drops you into this killer bass line that is irresistible to the ear.

JMSN questions his own worth with the harmonic lyrics, “What do they want from me?” He explains that the wait is well worth the reward and just like a rolling stone, having some alone time helps reinvent the mind and soul.

His 2018 release Velvet was the last time we heard of JMSN own music. Last year he featured on Joey Fatts project Still Cutthroat, which had some personal favorites.

JMSN has confirmed his upcoming project titled Heals Me coming soon. If you are unfamiliar with his work, do not be because this has talent written all over it.

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