LiL Lotus & his Top 5 Songs (so far)

“LiL Lotus” could be using a time machine to re-manifest all the nostalgic Scene and Emo vibes from the early to mid 2000’s. It appears that with every release he is further adding to an impressive catalog of versatile and heart-wrenching emotional ballads. With the ability to scream alongside up-tempo guitar and drums or slow things down with synthesized piano keys, Lotus can literally do it all. Let’s take a deeper dive into this artist that is making a name for himself on all streaming platforms!

LiL Lotus, real name John “Elias” Villagran, was born on March 1, 1994 in Dallas, Texas. To this day there are claims that his birthday is actually February 28, 1994 instead. Although those claims are close to the truth, he was born in the early AM hours at the beginning of March. When he was younger, Linkin Park and the metal-core genre were his original inspirations. The first concert he attended would be a Paramore show at age 14. By age 18 he had become a fill-in for local acts and was living a rockstar lifestyle out of his car. The birth of his son Luca would cause him to record more music independently. Originating by the name “Tremor,” his early audio production in 2016 would evolve into collaborations that formed the group “BOYFRIENDZ.” This led to adopting the new persona of “LiL Lotus,” signing with Epitaph Records in 2017 and to the creation of current band “If I Die First” in early 2020. The IIDF supergroup consists of: LiL Lotus, Lil Zubin, Travis Richter, Nedarb and Derek Bloom (current members); Nolan Nunes and Cayle Sain (former members).

With that being said, Lotus currently 27, has an extremely large catalog on Spotify. He’s got an album titled “2016-2018” that has 44 songs on it alone! Over the last three weeks I have had the chance to listen to every song I could access through his Spotify. Here are the “Top 5 LiL Lotus Songs” that you need to know with a few honorable mentions included! (Tap the song title to play on Spotify)

#5. I’ll Never Let Them Hurt You – If I Die First (My Poison Arms EP) – 3:10 – Released July 10, 2020

#4. Promise – Tisoki ft. LiL Lotus (Single) – 2:36 – Released January 31, 2020

#3. Kiss My Eyelids – LiL Lotus (2016-2018 Album) – 3:19 – Released March 18, 2020

#2. Never Get Away – LiL Lotus (Single) – 3:37 – Released July 15, 2019

Honorable mentions…

Girl Next Door – LiL Lotus ft. lil aaron (Single) – 2:37 – Released February 16, 2021


My Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror Movies – If I Die First (Single) – 3:14 – Released April 14, 2021

But for real… The song that I cannot get enough of, and the song that I would love to see performed live is…

#1. I Don’t Even Like You – LiL Lotus (All My Little Scars, Vol. 1 EP) – 2:45 – Released May 15, 2020

Watch him sing “I Don’t Even Like You” below. Follow LiL Lotus on Instagram by clicking here. #staytuned.


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