LiL Lotus is the Charizard of the Emo Genre

Have you ever come across a song that makes you float off into a daydream about your younger years? Emo music often does this with Millennials. After all, the early 2000’s had a surge of this music style in the mainstream. The genre’s roots date back to a hardcore punk movement that surrounded Washington, D.C. from the mid 1980’s but has experienced waves of popularity ever since. The creative mind of John “Elias” Villagran, better known by stage name “LiL Lotus,” has been experimenting with the Emo genre ever since stepping near a microphone. If the early Emo bands represent Charmanders, and the bands of the early 2000’s are Charmeleons, it is very clear that LiL Lotus of Epitaph is the next evolution for the confessional and melodic technique. He is figuratively the Charizard of the current Emo landscape. Whether solo, or alongside fiery vocalists like lil aaron, cold hart or Tisoki, he brings back feelings comparable to The Young and The Hopeless album from Good Charlotte circa 2002.

In 2021 Lotus has already graced us with some new music to eternally vibe with. His most recent offering available on all platforms is titled “Fake Love” and the tune doesn’t disappoint. It describes a toxic relationship that might not be worth the energy anymore. After a muddy 2020, it is sincerely refreshing to get new music with this kind of angst and intrigue, unearthing cliches from two decades ago with new electricity and swagger. His voice can draw the same energetic delivery as The Starting Line or that of Cartel, but his lyrics are unmatched when it comes to describing a toxic love.

Ultimately, LiL Lotus deserves both of your ears attention. Whether you dive into one of his three “All My Little Scars” volumes, or his most recent “Fake Love,” you will hear the updated Emo sound he specializes in. Don’t miss out! #staytuned


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