Lil Story and Rarin Tag Team For This Next Hit Single 2 Dangerous!

As a lot of people may know these two artists for the popular singles they have gained a large amount of traction from Fornite with GTA, and Dangerous Bitch, from Rarin, and Lil Story as these two are both managed under Peyton Miller. As many of their fans have wanted a collab over the recent traction from some of the largest Fortnite content creators that have used their songs. If you haven’t listened to the song you should already know that every creator will want to use this song in their newest clips as they have created the very hard punching beat with the soothing trumpet to go along with the melody. Giving each content creator a lot of room to play with as the song has perfect spaces for the them.

As they didn’t disappoint with this single, you know that it will be going crazy in not only just the gaming community but to really put them on the map across all different niches. Gaining the larger exposure all artists want in the end. As Rarin is coming up close to 800,000 Monthly listeners and Story coming close to 300,000 Monthly. These numbers will be quite different in a couple of months’ time.

Listen To 2 Dangerous Below!

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