Lael Drops Secret Message With New Music Video 300 Nights

Just like the first 2 singles lael has dropped, we have been left on our toes once again with her newest single / music video. Last time she dropped we had a list presented to us that seemed like an album list. If you haven’t read it, click here. Next we have been left with another treat with her new music video, at the end we are left with another surprise where she has an audio which if you put in reverse it comes out what is played below.

With this music video she has awaken from the similar room she had fallen asleep in the video prior. You can also notice the list for what I think could be the album list, and also the similar details across the room. Having another single with crazy production that gives off a very Billie Eilish vibe, has she seems to be going down the list for her singles. I wonder when the album will be dropped as she has still only dropped these 3 singles / music videos, and 3 Instagram photo. We are still left with the question, what happened to her this entire year. I hope everything is okay and people are showing a tremendous amount of support for her new chosen path of becoming an artist.

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