lael drops hint for album in music video “RIP2ME”?

With a shocking return on January 12th lael comes out from the shadows with “im all alone” she shows off the impressive production towards the end of the song, with Billie Eilish-like energy. She makes another return a month later with a new music video for her newest single “RIP2ME” and with this one, she takes it to another level. Taking scenes that seem straight from a horror movie. But if you look closely lael may have hinted to people about an album in the future? If you go to the 2:12 mark on this music video you will see a track list on the wall.

1. Where’d you go
2. I’m all alone
3. Rip2me
4. 800 Nights
5. 500 Scars
6. Crazy
7.You Cant Stand Me
8. My Life Is
9. Skin
10. Fly

The suspense that lael is building, she is setting up everything to perfection. With every video connecting and having such a deep meaning. After watching this, I just have two statements to make. One, I can’t wait to continue listening/watching the masterpieces she puts out. Two, after reading the comments she seems to have some of the most caring and loyal fans, I hope everything is okay with her mentally and physically after her year break.

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