An artist who back on Grooverelly with another hit is “IMSICKOFJUN.” He just recently released an amazingly composted single titled “Balenci Slides,” which features production by @vvspipes, @prodbailey, @1mikealmighty, @imghoulbeats, and @jodomx

With such an elite crew backing the production, you could already tell this was going to be a hit before IMSICKOFJUN laid his amazing vocals on it and executed the beat flawlessly. On this track, he talks about how he’s doing better and coming up in the music scene. Eating good and having designer pieces. 

This song is one of those hits that are a hidden gem, but should be much more recognized. The way that IMSICKOFJUN constantly drops music and shows how versatile he is, he will be a big artist soon. 

Take some time out of your day to listen to this gem! 

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