Gab3 – “Annoying” (Music Video)

“Gab3” is always someone that has been on someone’s radar. Whether it stems from filmmaking, producing, or just making songs, Gab3 has always found a way to be a part of the current wave. 

Today we are going to talk about the new visuals Gab3 just dropped for his single “Annoying,” which is the second track off of his latest album “Ready to Rave?” 

The video, which is directed by Gab3 himself, along with @Dannyghostlol, shows how the interpretation “Ready to Rave?” should be. Shot by Danny Ghost, Johnny Mystery, and Josue Alvarez, this video really matched up perfectly with the song.

The way that this video integrates inverted clips, along with flashing lights and colors, really emphasized how Gab3 really is ready to rave. With many of the clips pertaining to behind the scenes of his life tied with himself dancing and vibing to the song, it really goes to show that this new sound that Gab3 is behind will really take off. 

Take a chance to view the video for yourself! 

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