The Alchemist X Earl Sweatshirt – “Loose Change” (Music Video)

The Alchemist shares his new music video for “Loose Change” with Earl Sweatshirt.

from left to right:
Na-Kel Smith / @thatsonme
Earl Sweatshirt / @soapmanwun
Lonewolf / @whylonewolf
Alchemist / @alanthechemist

On April 30th, legendary producer Daniel Alan Mamam, known professionally as “The Alchemist” released an 8-track EP called This Thing Of Ours. Last Friday, the music video for “Loose Change” featuring Earl Sweatshirt was unveiled. 

The video, directed by Lonewolf, features Earl Sweatshirt performing center stage in a theater to a crowd of nicely dressed mannequins. Amongst the faceless bunch, Alchemist sits clapping for Earl like a supportive family member at his younger relative’s talent show. There is a small cameo from Na-Kel Smith as he plays the announcer for Earl before he cones out on stage.

“Loose Change” is the second video to be released off This Thing Of Ours. The video for “Nobles” featuring Earl Sweatshirt & Navy Blue was released a week prior.

Check out the video for “Loose Change” below!

The Alchemist – “Loose Change” feat. Earl Sweatshirt / Dir. Lonewolf

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