Overcast Director Pulls Strings to Create “Black Hole Sun” Video

Coming off the release of his latest album Launch Sequence, Patrick Cc: delivers visuals for the first track on the tape Black Hole Sun. Vocalist Skaiwater and Jonah Zed share their experiences with love and how pleasure can turn into darkness of pain.

Directed by Overcast’s Daniel Jordan K, strings needed to be attached to bring Patrick, Zed, and Skaiwater all into one video. Since all three live in different countries, the Overcast director thought outside the box and became a puppeteer. Daniel decided to create Jonah and Skai their best they could. As far as Patrick goes, they recreated him into some sort of marijuana nug, very similar to how Oscar the Grouch looked in Sesame Street and it gave me a laugh

Released in February, this project has almost surpassed 2,000,000 streams and the numbers continue to go up. Seeing the success of this album and the success of Patrick’s Youtube channel, I doubt he is looking to take a break from executive producing.

Stream Launch Sequence here

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