$lyce Creates Music for the Post-Quarantine World – “Endless Denim”

Have you ever been to Delaware? All I know about the state is that their University mascot is the “Fightin’ Blue Hens.” Well, there is a sonically talented voice emerging from the state too. He goes by the name of “$lyce” and in early 2021 he has been on a tear. His latest offering titled “Endless Denim” gives off a bouncy yet laid back sound. Teaming up with “The Guru” for his visuals (he makes movies) and @chrisroethel for production has really put this track in the spotlight for me. The trio teams up to take you to another dimension; literally it is hypnotic. The tune has the ability to get stuck in any given listeners head. $lyce executes this by repeating rhyming words laced with melodies and vocals that echo the hyperpop scene with R&B flair. You can really get lost in his voice as it transpires across the bubbly beat. The Post-Quarantine vibes come out in his lyric selection.

“I’ll be seeing you never, know my pockets forever.”

$lyce is playing on the fact that for over a year, well, we really haven’t been able to “see” the people we really wanted to. But he acknowledges that quarantine has favored his music. He walks out of the down time with full pockets… in – you guessed it – Endless Denim.

“You can go and pick it up from the strip club floor, that’s fine I don’t mind – you only working until four.”

$lyce sings about his money raining in strip clubs. Strip clubs have definitely been impacted by decreased traffic and hours of operations. That is why he doesn’t mind if the women dancing rush to pick up the cash he is throwing everywhere. He carefully repeats moments of bliss which will take place right after we can drop the masks.

This year $lyce has cranked out “Celebrity Crush” a seven-song project, a single titled “B2U,” as well as three collaborative tracks with Grooverelly favorites. Although Delaware is a rather small state, nothing can take away from a fearsome work ethic and the ability to continually perfect the music creation process via his home studio. Check out his music video for Endless Denim below. #staytuned.



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