What Has Convolk Been Up Too?

This 24-year-old artist has been around for a while now and the most impressive fact about Convolk, he was doing all of this without editorial playlists from Spotify, something that has become so important for a growing artist. He grew a fan base across YouTube videos, growing his image on social media’s and people genuinely liking his content for who he is. Then he had his well-known song Whatever It Takes gain HUGE engagement, as people made a connection with everyone in the song/music video.

convolk x 9TAILS x guardin

It seemed like in a small amount of time, everyone knew this song. What I loved about this song the most is in the music video you can tell they had a blast making it. But that was a while ago, what is Convolk up to recently? What has been some of his favorite songs and generally an update for all Convolk fans on what he has been doing.

With his recent drop Always On My Own, taking inspirations from a lot of the hyper pop trap drums, as you can always hear the struggle Convolk feels. A song based on him always being alone as he is always trying to going back to that one person he shouldn’t but just can resist. A quick minute and 46 seconds, you barely realize the song is on repeat. Then it’s played for 10 minutes straight without you realizing it because that is what happened to me.

Now below is going to be a list of Convolk songs that are in MY opinion Convolk’s best songs, this is based on performance and the quality of the song. Let’s have a vote out of these 5 songs, what YOU think is the best Convolk song.

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