Gun Boi Kaz Takes You On A Trip With “JAWS!”

We back with another collaboration between XINCLAIR and Gun Boi Kaz. Take a seatback, turn this song on repeat and think of that summer of ’16. This is what runs through my head when I listen to this, it gives me a summer vibe with the simple guitar melody having heavy 808’s taking power. A song where you want to blast with the sun on your face, wind through your hair, you and your friends blasting this throughout the summer.

Gun Boi Kaz has found his sound, with all these drops in 2021. He landed with a good beat selection and using the power in his voice with each track. Having the raspy touch to his vocals that you may see in a Post Malone or Nav. But having some inspirations from legends like XXXTENTATION and Kanye. The amazing feature about Kaz though, is that he has his own sound. Yes he may have inspirations that he looks up too, but I could not say he has the same sound as 1 certain artists. It is between a blend of sounds and a creation of his own work.

Gun Boi Kaz has been on a mission this year, staying highly consistent. With a lot of new content stretching out his discography. He hasn’t shown signs of slowing down and I don’t think he plans on it. Stay tuned for more content from this artist, because it’s coming soon!

Listen To “JAWS” Below!

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