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Autumn! aka Twinuzis “Exactly” EP – Is it worth the listen?

Autumn!/Twinuzis is currently taking the “Pluggnb” scene by storm. Originating from Crowley, Louisiana the 23 year old artist was a producer in the beginning. but with curiosity of how he himself would sound on his own beats would change his life completely.

When I first heard of Autumn! as any person browsing Soundcloud I stumbled across a song called “No Difference” The beat caught me at first, the intro has a soothing sounding pad and a thick synth bass to follow up before the drop
the 808s really caught my attention due to complimenting the sound of the synth bass so nothing is too different… no pun intended.

Autumn has always done a great job with his sound you can tell it came a long way from production, to also being
able to mix his own music is quite impressive from a independent standpoint. The vocal layering in “No Difference” is very subtle, if you pay close attention listening closely to his adlibs fueled with delay and a small amount of reverb really does a good job in layering where it’s needed.

Autumn! doesn’t just release singles on Soundcloud not only is he teaming with up and coming Video Production companies such as “DotComNirvan” with #SFTW amassing over 200k views on Youtube alone. On his main channel “Autumn!” he released a video to “Recollections of Loyalty & Pain!” on September 3rd 2020. My first impression on this song had me really analyze what he was saying since the attitude of the song felt serious. a lyric that caught my attention the most,

With money i promise it ain’t s* to be glad about cause it really doesn’t fix s* that you’re mad about, i thought it would fix everything i guess that’s what i’m sad about”

that piece of the song made me realize money can’t fix everything. As well as understanding and overcoming obstacles
which may be what Autumn! is hinting about. listening to Autumn! is definatly a must in the current year especially since his recent collaboration with “TisaKorean” a well known artist/dancer and creator of the “Woah” challenge
based out of Houston, Texas. With the song being titled “Noticed it” your typical gas station video isn’t as typical as it gets with this collaboration. Being directed by Tycho Burwell the editing on this video blew me away with combination of
Tisa’s hidden dance moves. As far as what’s up next for Autumn! it’s very unpredictable because he’s known for dropping bodies of work with ease to cleanse anticipation from his fans just to follow up with 2-3 visuals ranging from features with a way to network
or even directing his own visuals. be sure to lookout for whats next for Autumn!/Twinuzis.

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