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$lyce, Creating the Future of Music Today With “Celebrity Crush”

$lyce is one of those artist that is hard to fit into one genre or one sound, rather touching on multiple different sounds. This is the case with his new EP “Celebrity Crush” a mix of rap, hip hop, r&b, pop,and hints of hyper pop inspired beats and glitchcore vocals. The entire project is solid consisting of 7 songs each unique in their own way all tied together with $lyce’s sensual voice. The project takes inspiration from days past giving off a strong club vibe while providing us with a new and futuristic sound that hasn’t been done before. While the whole project is a beautiful with its catchy lyrics and bouncy beats my favorite is “4D“, it shares $lyce’s image and sound of transcending to four dimensional sounds while being extremely catchy and airy.

Be sure to listen to the project in its entirety, “Celebrity Crush” manages to be a sonically and cinematic masterpiece. All 7 tracks manage to take you on a different adventure all of which is desperately needed during lockdowns. Whether you’re listening to get energized or to relax and lay down this project has something in store for you. This project is due to put $lyce on the spotlight of the underground along with the two features, Muddy Mya and Graves who have also been making waves in the underground. Want to hear the future of music, well look no further than “Celebrity Crush”.

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