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“Hate Me Now & Love Me Later” EP – Q&A with Phobia the Greatest

It is becoming crystal clear that “Phobia the Greatest” is a rising star with the most ideal supporting cast surrounding her. If you haven’t heard Phobia’s EP titled: “Hate Me Now & Love Me Later,” then you need to tune in ASAP. Containing four tracks, at 10 min 36 sec, it’s the perfect sample size for this underground female sensation’s sound. I am willing to bet that XXL Freshman List is on Phobia’s horizon by 2023 if not earlier. After listening to this impressive and sonic EP I had several questions for Phobia. I knew both brand-new and day-one fans could enjoy her responses. Here they are:

Question1 – What is your name outside of music? Date of birth/Age?

Answer1: Phobia – “’Phobia the Greatest’ is truly the only name I use. I was born March 12th, 1999 in Salt Lake City, UT.”

Q2 – How did you choose your artist name?

A2: Phobia – “When I was in elementary school I loved to dance. ‘Jerking’ and ‘Shuffling’ were pretty big at the time. In 6th grade I became a part of an all-girl dance crew. I forgot the name of it, but it was pretty cool. As a crew we helped choose each other’s dance names. Most of the names we came across we found online. The leader of the crew asked me if I liked the name ‘Phobia.’ Which I did and later, as I focused more on music, I decided to add ‘The Greatest.’ A reminder to become the greatest version of myself every day.”

Q3 – What is the story behind the “Hate Me Now & Love Me Later” EP and cover art?

A3: Phobia – “I feel like coming up not everyone is going to like me. But you know how that goes. I’ll continue to hit these big milestones and ‘clout points’ will increase. For the most part that hate will turn into love. The non-believers will turn into believers. As for the cover art, I wanted to make it more personal. I wanted to show a different side of me that I haven’t shown before.”

Q4 – Favorite lyrics from the project and why?

A4: Phobia – “’All these enemies cus they see me doing me,’ from track 3: On A Mission. These are my favorite lyrics because, the more I put myself out there and continue to be true to myself, not everyone is going to like me and that’s ok. I don’t care about those who don’t support me. I care about the ones who do support me. So, I’m going to keep ‘doing me’ and reaching my goals regardless of what anyone says or thinks.”

Q5 – Where was the “Moving Too Fast” video shot (also who shot it)? What mountain/resort?

A5: Phobia – “’Moving Too Fast’ was shot in Park City, UT at the Park City Mountain Resort. I came up with the concept/story board and my team did an amazing job making it come to life! My manager Brady shot the music video. I had my friends AJ (edit/color) and FJ (VFX) on it too. This was a fun project to collaborate on and I’m grateful it’s out.”

Q6 – What cartoon character would you be?

A6: Phobia – “If I was a cartoon character, I would be Korra from ‘The Legend of Korra.’ She’s such a bad ass and her growth as a person is truly incredible.”

 Q7 – You can only choose one… Pizza, Tacos or Sushi after a recording session?

A7: Phobia – “If I had to choose between those after a recording session… I would choose the Vegan Buffalo Chicken Ranch Pizza from ‘The Pie.’ If you’re in Salt Lake City, and want some delicious pizza, I’m recommending ‘The Pie.’”

Below is Phobia’s latest music video for “Moving Too Fast” and EP. #staytuned.



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