Xinclair With Another Music Video “Past Life”

We are back with more content from XINCLAIR, we have heard a lot from this artist these past couple of months. We had his new single Goodbye featuring Gun Boi Kaz, then he also had the music video for DOWN 2 RIDE featuring BINXX which was on the page IDLEGLANCE. After he has now released a new music video for his earlier song Past Life. Which was a song that dropped back in June 2020. He brings it back to show it more love, being one of his more slept-on singles, this video brings it to light. 

Now let’s dig into the music video, as you can tell in the thumbnail of the video below. At first glance, you can realize that with this music video he is having the look of an old movie, back in the black and white days. Transitioning back and forth from modern to past, XINCLAIR has the scenes of the black and white representing the past as you can see in the music video a girl is coming back while he clearly shows emotion he doesn’t want her back, flipping back into the modern-day as she isn’t around anymore and he seems to be in a better place. One thing I just love about this music video is it gives me L.A Noire vibes if you haven’t heard of that game then just look at the photos when you search it up and you will understand what I mean. 

We have been gifted so much content already from XINCLAIR, I can’t imagine what is next for these upcoming months. Doesn’t look like XINCLAIR is slowing down and has no intentions to slow down. Stay tuned for what is next!

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