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Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina Bigbabygucci is an underground artist that I’ve been following now since late 2018. His music, style, and personality are infectious. Back in 2019 Bigbabygucci had a break-out moment earning his first taste of mainstream success when dropping his project “Send Help.” This album was filled with bangers like “Drop Top Lexus”, “This is not a rap song”, and “Save Me”. I feel the album is what solidified the artists spot as a rising talent in the industry. Leading up to Bigbabygucci’s newest project and 6th studio album, “Assume The Worst,” we saw the artist drop an array of singles that captivated attention and it moved to the top of my Spotify playlists instantly! These singles included, “Stuck in My System”, “For Sale”, and his most successful single thus far “Seeing Ghosts”. After listening through to Bigbabygucci’s newest album, “Assume The Worst,” I have to say, overall, I was very impressed and found the project fulfilling with repeat value. We got that signature auto-tune sound we love from the artist on tracks like “Walk of the Ledge” and “Black Wall Street”. While also getting more experimental tracks like “20 on a Necklace”. The production on the project is top-notch, and I feel is the best so far compared to the artists other bodies of work. I would of liked more upbeat and heavy hitting melodic tracks on this project, but the way Bigbabygucci works and puts out music..we’ll have another project from him before the end of summer, if I had to guess! Make sure to go check out “Assume The Worst” available on all streaming platforms!

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