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Rocstaryoshi – “21 Laps Around The Sun” (Album)

Making their debut on Grooverelly is Dallas based artist rocstaryoshi. rocstaryoshi is unparalleled when it comes to his sound with over 2.2M total plays. It seems as though people are just now catching up to his unique sound which is called “NASA RAP” Just a month ago, the well-known star dropped an eight track album called ‘21 LAPS AROUND THE SUN” to celebrate his 21st birthday, which is pleasing to the ear from start to finish. Yoshi incorporates a variety of styles, wordplay, and a contrast of melodies which boasts his potential in creating a project that is easily incisive while being irregular.

Kicking off the album is a very catchy and melodic tune titled “Cocaine Cowboys,” rocstaryoshi positions how the rest of the album will sound like with this track. Faultlessly adapting to the next rack “Cyanide,” which displays his accomplishments while presenting his love-struck mentality. The project continues with “Drug Lust,” continuing the uptempo style and emphasising the NASA Rap, saying “We are not the same, I’m from outer space.”

Continuing the futuristic sound yet this time more laid back comes the track “160,” which displays that kind of music you would listen to on a late night drive through the town. Yoshi takes down the tempo a lot on the next track ‘Overwhelming Interlude,” by presenting his raw emotions and pure voice on a beautiful acoustic produced by Nash which perfectly transitions into the next track. The sixth track on the album, titled “Talk Too Much,” arranges more of his love-struck mentality while also stretching his vocals on the first verse which reels the album down and what to expect within the last two tracks, especially leading into the seventh track named “Instincts.” Coming back with the futuristic elegance yet keeping a laid-back flow, the production will leave you in a trance. Rocstaryoshi wraps up this album with, “Slow Motion,’ which is a sensational warmhearted track that attractively concludes the album with its surreal production and has the album’s only track which features MAJ.

Take some time out of your day and listen to his new album below

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