$lyce Interview

$lyce born and raised Delaware native has always been in love with music and the music scene that continued to surround him , from his dad blasting music in the car to his older brother carrying a walkman with a portfolio full of CD’s everywhere he went. His first exposure to wanting to become a musician stemmed from his desire to play guitar in a band when he got to a more appropriate age , leading to him doing the whole band approach for a solid 4 years in high school. He had a realization that and I repeat these are his words not mine lol , “Fucking sucked” because he felt like he had to rely on other “Motherfuckers” that don’t have the talent or ability that he does to get things done as a group / collective. $lyce stated “Something clicked after my senior year of highschool my friends and I had 3 hours of free period and we’d just fuck around and watch rap videos and freestyles just honestly anything we could get our hands on. But I was going through a depression stage and would just go home to blow off my school work and watch music videos and write. One day I walked into school said to myself fuck this I’m going to just buy a studio , so I dropped 2K on a home set up and just figured shit out from there.

After making this decision $lyce family sort of had to get adjusted to the swing of things . He told us his mom works for The University of Delaware , so they would always go back and forth because they always supported him but if word got out that their son is aspiring to be a rapper. It could mess up a lot of good things going for them job security , reputation etc. But to see their son happy was the ultimate goal so they put aside the views of outsiders and allowed him to be himself at the end of the day. $lyce let us into what his city thinks of his musical career and musical dreams / endeavors he had stated this to us.

“My city loves me everybody always goes out of their way when I talk to individuals to let me know that I’m the one and ain’t no need to sweat it at all , and that I’m a star in there eyes no matter what. I pop out at functions , kids play my music & sing along all the time. People are always happy to see me and love what I’m doing just to be able to peep the work I put in day in & day out ; Actually seeing the progression just makes everyone proud which to me is so important given that they are investing in me by simply playing my music which is all I can ask for. It’s like a security I give to my fans that it’s not a game I’m really out here on it . Of course now people e wanna grow to hate after seeing the progression but you know I don’t gotta respect it just accept it. I feel that it’s really the fans & the people in the business that work with me that are the ones who give me my confidence regardless.”

Coming off of dropping his debut project titled “1080p” and listening to the complete project I wanted to dive into the mental space of $lyce to see what the meaning is behind the project and how he came up with the name . After going conversing for a bit he gave me a overall summary of the LP in a nutshell , he had this to say to me , “Well 1080p is like the highest quality of video you can get like that & 4K , my thing is as much as I want my fans to relate to my music, everything about my music & me as an artist is that it depicts me 1,000%. I don’t talk like nobody I don’t walk like nobody , my thoughts come from my daily life / struggles. I pride myself because 2 years ago I had no nobody at all , so this project is a celebration of me becoming me and the confidence I have in myself. So 1080p just stuck it’s high-definition and it’s real no smoke and mirrors , no games.” “Bangers only for the rest of the year , imma push the album & hit the field, bust moves and once the battery in my back again I’m putting out the heat that separates me from the shit anybody else doing or putting out. Just heaters n visuals so y’all see $lyce because Im on the type time of when I drop again it’s clear the streets and get to the ground running.


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