Passing the Torch to the New Generation

The underground scene is an interesting in how every couple of years there seems to be a new group of artist finally reach the one 1,000,000 listeners or the record label they have been dreaming and working so hard for. In 2016 we saw names like Lil Peep, Ghostemane, and Suicide Boys blowing up on the underground scene and four years later they are regarded as some of the pioneers for most of the trends and artist we’ve seen blow up in the later years. In 2018 we saw the next group of not only artist but behind the scenes people blow up. Artist such as Shinigami, Savage Gasp, Lil Lotus, and many other people as well as channels like Astari and Sad Chill and producers such as Fish Narc, Nedarb, and Jakkyboi.

Now its 2020 and the torch has inevitably been passed once again. In recent we’ve seen artist such as Yung Scuff, Austin Skinner, Afourteen, $lyce, Polearm, Auras, and many other artist and producers such as Curtains, Faded Black Kid, and Brody. Along with artist there’s been a few collectives that have grown such as Spider Gang and NeilaWorld. In terms of outlets we have channels such as Biteki taking over the new scene. There are hundred of new comers to the scene creating their own unique sounds and we are ready for them. One last special member to the new generation would have to be the team here at Grooverelly here to grow the scene and provide you with all the content of your favorite upcoming artist.

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