IMSICKOFJUN – Comin’ In(Single)

I’d like to introduce you all to a heavily underrated artist by the name of JUN(@IMSICKOFJUN) Today he is on our website with his brand new single titled ‘COMIN IN’. I found a liking to JUN’s approach with his previous release, so I was obviously interested and excited to hear what it was all about. With production backed up by well-known producer its2ezzy, you could tell that this song was going to be a hit. The way that JUN introduced the song with anticipating adlibs, that really set the tone for the track. The way that this track was carefully crafted and packaged up in a way that results in nothing other than a gift for his listeners was something that I noticed. 

From start to finish, this track hooks you. Everything that’s going on in this song just works and the final product is nothing shy of spectacular. JUN has been putting out some seriously catchy tunes that everybody will eventually catch up to. I really can’t stress how great this three minute offering is. JUN continues to raise the bar for each release and continues to meet and exceed it each time. It’s so exciting to see the growth and evolution that’s taking place amongst his artistry.

I really enjoyed this one and I now y’all will as well. I’ve attached the Soundcloud link down below so take some time out of your quarantine and listen and give it a like!


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