Chicago Rapper OkDEAZY Drops New “Good Day” Visuals, Directed by Nick Welch

The latest upcoming single from Chicago’s very own OkDEAZY has been hitting the internet like crack in the 80’s. Everyday I’m seeing more publications talking about “Good Day” and it’s impact on the underground music scene across North America. The single was accompanied by a dope music video from Nick Welch, which features the young artist flexing in a mansion, most likely located in Los Angeles, while he raps about the daily shenanigans a young artist with the whole world in his palms might encounter.

OkDEAZY brings the perfect clash of sounds, angelic melodies with bouncy trap production combined with undeniable lyricism and delivery which is guaranteed to have any party jumpin’. If you’re into underground music and are looking for that ‘next’ sound, OkDEAZY is that guy. Check out “Good Day” below, and let us know if he’s up next!

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