The Future Is Bright For Rising Star Ari Abdul

Usually when one hears a trending audio on TikTok, they tend to listen to it for maybe a week or so and then proceeds to move onto the next craze on the platform. We can’t say the same for Brooklyn-based artist Ari Abdul, who has been turning heads since February of this year with her breakout single “BABYDOLL.” The 21 year old artist has been creating further success for herself thanks to her enthusiastic fan base pushing her agenda with singles such as “Stay,” “Taste,” and her most recent EP “Fallen Angel.” Her single ‘Stay,” has been a song that I catch myself repeatedly listening to, with her angelic vocals and majestic backings. 

Let’s talk about her most recent release, which is a six-track EP titled “Fallen Angel,” including three previously released singles mentioned earlier. Ari managed to catch the attention of Slumbo Labs, who released this project in collaboration with RCA Records, rightfully so. In this tape, we get introduced to three new singles, starting off with ‘HUSH,” where her intimate vocals compliment the hazy production. The chorus is extremely catchy as she adds “And I can’t sleep, the voices, they keep me up.” Which can reel in any listener. Adding to that, the pre-chorus is a direct statement, stating “You really should be scared to trust me, don’t worry this won’t hurt.” She throws the noun “you,” around as she is making direct statements through the song.

Another track we get presented with off this project is ‘Cursed,” which brings a lullaby-like production and heavy-driven bass which brings out a darker side of Ari. The subtle kick drums, assisted with compression help with emphasizing her lyrics. Something that may go over the listeners head is the added ghost reverb, which contributes to the added darkness aura of this track.

I see Ari’s success just getting started as she has pulled in an extensive fanbase, garnering 393K followers on Tiktok and amassing 9.5M likes on the platform alone. She has earned herself 3,364,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and we’re much sure that we can double those numbers if we were to include other digital streaming platforms. She has also gotten one-million streams on a fan-made edit on Soundcloud which is a mash up between her song “BABYDOLL,” and “The Perfect Girl,” which is composed by Mareux.

I definitely recommend that you guys check out her music if you haven’t already as she’s bound for success beyond her current status. Check out her singles & project linked below and let us know what you think!

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