Ryen Drops New Single – “cuz of u”

Sunday funday, so let’s beef up your playlists lads! I’m not sure if this track will be released to all DSP’s, for now it’s only available on SoundCloud. This new single comes from up-coming artist Ryen, titled “cuz of u” produced by Typhoon & Yvngwxvy. I’m super excited for Ryen’s future, I’ve watched him grow his audience/fan base, and really find his sound over these past few years. I would describe Ryen’s sound overall as hyper-pop, but he’s really versatile, genre-blending multiple genres within his songs. I would describe “cuz of u” as being a cross between indie and hyper-pop. Ryen kills it on this song, it’s definitely a more mellow track for him. Showcasing his smooth vocals, and infectious melodies. This ones a hit, through and through! Be sure to check out Ryen, and his new single “cuz of u”, linked below.

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