“On My Way!” by SageTwoFour

SageTwoFour recently released his EP “On My Way!” with two great songs. He opens up with “Addy!” which is a song that gives off a creepy, ominous, and straightforward vibe. He also added the piece “Margiela,” which, compared to the previous music, SageTwoFour’s versatility shines through.

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“Margiela” contains a melody reminiscent of Playboi Carti’s “Location” in that they both make you feel like you’re floating. Based on the first couple of seconds of the beat, “Margiela” is a great piece, but when SageTwoFour combines his insanely good background vocals, perfected melodic voice, and excellent bar set-up, the song becomes even better. It’s clear that he knows what he’s doing, but he’s only going to reach higher levels.

The opening is completely opposite from the second. SageTwoFour’s “Addy!” is more forthright with its delivery and lyricism, and the beat is much darker. Rather than going for two similar songs, he chose two beats that were so different and put on an excellent performance for each so that his audience could understand that he could do well on any sound.

Listen to SageTwoFour’s “On My Way!” below!

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