TIMMS – The Interview

I’m back with another interview, this week I got the pleasure of chopping it up with up-coming artist TIMMS. From writing songs about her pet cat, to building a strong fanbase. TIMMS is a very talented singer/songwriter who has a very bright future ahead of her. Be sure to check out TIMMS new single “Tiptoe” dropping September 30th!

DS – How did you get the artist name TIMMS? 

T – My last name is Timm, so I added the “S” so I didn’t sound like Tim from accounting – lol. I also had projects before where I used a totally different stage name that had nothing to do with my own, but I wanted this project to be intensely personal and about all the things I was previously too insecure to talk about. It felt more authentic to use my real name and own all the things I’ve been writing about. 

DS – How would you describe your sound? 

T – I guess alternative pop, but I don’t really sit down to write something in a specific genre. I just write whatever I feel like. I’ve always gravitated towards darker sounds, and I love juxtaposing the sound with playful, humorous lyrics. Humor is my favorite coping mechanism. 

DS – Where do you draw inspiration from to make music? 

T – I try to be as honest as possible and make as many jokes as possible. I’ve had quite a bit of trauma in my life, and it feels authentic to me to cope with it in my music the way I do in real life. I’m also such a big Ashnikko and Billie Eilish fan – they’ve definitely been musical inspirations to me. When it comes to the lyric, if there’s not something in every section that makes me feel something deeply, or makes me laugh, I know we haven’t quite hit the mark. 

DS – How long have you been recording/releasing music?

T – I mean, I wrote my first song about my cat when I was 8 – which was obviously devastatingly cringy (I like to think I’ve improved since then). But I basically never stopped writing since I discovered it. I started recording a couple years ago when I was 17.

DS – What’s the recording process like for you? 

T – We usually write and record everything on the same day. Outside of interacting with fans, it’s my favorite part of the process. It’s somewhere I feel like I get to be 100% myself. I usually go in with a producer and another writer, and a lot of the time they already know me pretty well, so I get to be totally open. Even when we’re writing about difficult topics, it’s genuinely fun and we laugh the whole time. 

DS – Has there been a moment in your career yet, that made you feel like you’ve accomplished your goals? Or a peak moment? 

T – My favorite thing in the world and what keeps me going when things are tough is when people reach out to me and tell me how the music has impacted them. It’s been so surreal for me to have these beautiful humans share their stories and tell me they feel heard or have a new anthem because of a song I’ve written. It’s super fulfilling and really is the point of it all for me. The biggest thing in the world could happen for me, and I’d be so grateful and blown away, but the little messages they send me will still mean the most to me. 

DS – What’s can we be on the lookout for as far as music from you? 

T – I have a brand new song coming out Sept 30th. Then there will probably be one more new release this year, and then next year I’ll be putting out my first EP. I can’t wait for that! It will be the first body of work I’ve put out as opposed to singles. Literally time couldn’t go faster! 

DS – Lastly, what’s something you want your fans to know? Either about you, or something you’ve learned so far during your career?

T – I want my fans to know they aren’t alone, that they are beautiful and strong! I adore them. Something I’ve learned is that being kind to yourself is so important. Life can be difficult, so I want them to be kind to themselves too!

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