Rico Nasty – “Gotsta Get Paid” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Watch the fiery new MOSHPXT-created clip.

“You’re the type to brag about it, I’m the type to laugh it off.”

Rico Nasty released her latest full-length offering Las Ruinas on July 9th. Shortly afterwards, she was on the road with Kehlani aboard the Blue Water Road Trip Tour. At the same time, she dropped another video for Blow Me, shot by Marco Alexander. This week the superstar and Atlantic Records signee gave us visuals for the fan favorite track, “Gotsta Get Paid.”

“Don’t get in my way, I gotsta get paid. Fashionista shades like gyms we move weights / Party like parades and wake up in a daze. No wonder why they wanna switch bodies and trade places.”

Honestly, I was in anticipation for the “Gotsta Get Paid” video like it was a movie to look forward to. Also because this is my all time favorite Rico Nasty song, as well as my favorite song on Las Ruinas. This is because it really is decked out with special effects like one. It opens up with Rico atop a cliff, looking as power as ever, barring a sinister smile. The scenes flash back and forth between the artist in multiple looks to show her various sides, each with their own world – the layout is similar to how the town of Hawkins and the Upside Down are connected in the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Rico Nasty on the set of “Gotsta Get Paid” / Shot & Edited by JAYJAY

When the second verse hits, there’s a dramatic switch from Rico Nasty being seen rapping in front of a blazing inferno across the bottom of the screen to being dressed in all pink winter attire located on a snow covered landscape. Like I said, this hits like a movie.

Rico Nasty – “Gostsa Get Paid” (Official Music Video) / Created by MOSHPXT

Click the video above and watch the insanely epic must video, and keep streaming Las Ruinas.

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