Shane’s Selections, Volume 2: Shitty Drivers & Scummy Restaurants

We’re back for volume 2, after a crazy week filled with insurance claims and countless calls to my bank…the only thing to mend my sorrows is good music. I got 4 motherclucking clappers for you lads & ladies. All different vibes but boy do they hit the spot. Remember even through the worst times, tomorrow is always better. Let’s get into these tracks from Church-Hill, Sandman, Cybertrash, and Dyl Dion. 

IYKYK… my favorite artist of all time first up we got,

Church-Hill “CAMELOT!”

This was a SoundCloud exclusive from Mr.Church, if you deleted SoundCloud after 2016…this is the reason to re-download it. Church has been releasing a lot of SoundCloud exclusive tracks & projects this year. I’m all for it, this kid needs to drop more, his music cures any bad mood. But for real, Church-Hill is a mad talented artist, with a very bright future ahead. This new track “CAMELOT!” is upbeat, a short song infused with catchy melodies, and crazy layers from Church. This one line has been stuck in my head all week, “she’s my, she’s just my huckleberry bitch”. This is a song you loop back at least 3 times every listen. 

Next we got the king of Canada, 


I’ve been waiting for new Sandman since his last drop “Please!”, which was a fucking banger. This new track is definitely a more pop-punk song for Sandman, but he honestly can’t miss. You know an artist is really talented when they can do multiple genres. His new cut “Regrets”, has this insane hook, it just floods me with old teenage angsts every time I play it through. I think this Canada boy is on to something, and I’m happy to say I’m along for the ride.  

Coming in at number three this volume is, 

Cybertrash“sweet illinois”

I recently got into Cybertrash a few months ago through his other releases, “hang tight” and “play pretend”. This new track, “sweet illinois” is definitely a switch up from his previous releases. Cybertrash really wanted to hit us in the feels with this new release. Congrats Mr. Cybertrash, mission accomplished! The song is a feel good, emotional ballad. The perfect track for a late night drive. With Cybertrash being such a diverse artist, I can’t wait to see what he drops next! 

Last but not least we have, 

Dyl Dion “pouring outside”  

When it rains, it pours or so I’ve heard…way too many times. But Dyl, is making waves right now with his new music video for “pouring outside” directed by Tommy Bauer. This new music video is like a movie, and captures the vibe and feel of the song perfectly. Throughout the video we see Dyl hanging out in his bedroom, avoiding rain, and high up in the clouds, literally! I don’t know how they pulled off that effect, but it honestly made the whole video for me. The track is almost a year old, but I don’t think it’s reached it’s full potential. I could definitely see this song charting on billboard. Dyl Dion, is an artist I could see blowing up very soon! 

That’s it for volume 2,I hope you enjoy the tracks…and that all our weeks get better….or at least just mine!

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