Who Is wubz? 

I was wondering the same thing when I came across wubz a few months back on Instagram. And the short answer is, I have no fucking idea who wubz is. No idea what he looks like, or even how old he is? Where this guy is from, or currently located? All I know is, Wubz currently has 17,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and a cat for his Instagram profile picture. And honestly this mystery is cool with me, because wubz’s music is fucking incredible. Every time he drops a new track, I have them on repeat for weeks. His songs always have top notch production, beat switches, and of course his insane vocals. I would describe his sound as hyper-pop but that’s really not doing it justice, because it brings so much more than that to the table. Wubz is truly a unique listening experience, and his newest track is one of my favorites released by him so far. Be sure to check out wubz’s newest single “warden”, linked below. 

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