Shane’s Selections, Volume 1: Fuck Tap Water

Welcome to the first edition of Shane’s Selections, this is going to be a bi-weekly editorial of 3-5 songs I have on rotation. These tracks are going to be fresh, funky, and just all around absolute tunes. I’m going to try and cover songs of all flavors and varieties, I’m not afraid of any genre. After this goes up, I’m going to announce how to submit to be featured on this editorial via Instagram. Below I will link an open Spotify playlist, this way everyone can submit/add songs to the playlist, to be considered for the editorial. Be sure to follow the playlist so you can add songs. Hopefully, y’all enjoy volume 1 and you’ll be back for volume 2. Stay safe out there you animals! 

First up,

MariWay“Now We Up”

I saw Mari preview this one heavy via his socials, and I’ve been on my hands and knees praying he drops. And finally, my prayers have been answered! This 16 year old band-lab genius is really creating his own wave, this chopped, melodic, plug rap, is so infectious. Mari’s sound is just so fresh and unique, it’s hard to box it in with a label, so I’m not going to be the one to do it. Be sure to check out “Now We Up” before it pops off on TikTok, I’m expecting to see MariWay blow up here in the next 2-3 years. 

Next, we got

Gramthart“Real Waste” 

This ones special, the return of Gramthart. Back when I first strapped up my boots, and dived into this underground music scene, Gram was one of the first people I connected with online. He’s a great guy, we made a cool song or two back in the day. I always thought Gram had this star power to him, he makes great music and really knows how to brand himself. This comeback is long overdue, but I’m so happy it’s coming to life. Be sure to check out “Real Waste” and the rest of Gramthart’s catalog. 

Third, is definitely not the worst

E the profitWatch

My favorite rapper and producer duo this whole year has to be E and Rocco, these two cats never miss. I really don’t know another pair that’s doing it like them. And they don’t miss with this new cut “Watch”. Start to finish this joint is just mean rap, real attitude bars in your face. I love this style of E, it’s more laidback vocally but flows so nice. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for E and Rocco going into 2023, these two can’t be stopped. 

She loves boon “i just wanna dance” 

She loves boon, aka the “emotional trap” gate keeper is back with his newest single “I just wanna dance” produced by loe4t. This will be Boon’s last single before he drops his upcoming project, I’m super stoked for that. Boon has been on a hot streak lately, and I think this project is going to follow that trend. So be sure to check out Boon’s newest single “i just wanna dance” and his project dropping Sept 1st. 

To wrap up the first volume of Shane’s Selections we have,

Gun Boi Kaz “rose gold crown”

I found Kaz through the Grooverelly submissions, and his track “rose gold crown” is a straight banger. A light hearted love song, that really puts me in a great mood. Kaz has these infectious airy vocals, laced with incredible melodies. I think Kaz is going to make waves this next year. He recently caught the attention of Mike Posner with his cover of “Cooler Than Me”. That’s pretty cool if you ask me! sorry bad dad joke :/

That’s all for Shane’s Selections Volume 1, below I will link the Spotify playlist so you can add/submit tracks to be featured on the next volume! Be sure to follow the playlist so you can add songs 🙂 Thank you all, and fuck tap water. 

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