TiaCorine – “Dipset” [SINGLE + VIDEO]

The Winston-Salem based female MC drops a new standout single with an appealing title.

TiaCorine’s “Dipset” is her third cut this year, following “Gas Station” and “FYK”.

There are only a few artists that are as intriguing as TiaCorine. She has the type of irresistible aura flowing through her music that entrances people upon first listen. Her YouTube comments are filled with statements of how she “never misses” or stories of how fans fell in love after their initial introduction to her music. Tia’s song “Lotto” went viral on the internet in 2019, following with a remix with fellow North Carolinian DaBaby. Her debut compilation, 34Corine and deluxe version The Saga of 34Corine, immersed listeners into her world of light colors (mostly pink), creatively provocative bars, contrasting with lines about how tough she is, so don’t play. TiaCorine is operating in a lane of her own.

On the new song Dipset TiaCorine displays her rapping ability in a way we haven’t heard her ever do before. From the first line, “If you had your way, you would keep me at my f***ing worst.”, to the last statement, “I play my daughter my music, she lose it. I be her lil’ penny I’m making her proud.”, Tia just destroys this 0xtoa-produced beat. Period. Below are some of my favorite lines.

“And my city be banking on me, when they me saying ‘Tia keep going you’re making it out!’”

“And that p***y so good, he said he had to bow. Ain’t no waiting for later, they hearing me now”

TiaCorine – “Dipset” / Dir. TiaCorine

The music video for her most recent cut, “Dipset”, is a contrast to the previously delivered “Gas Station” and the punchy lay “FYK (F*** You’re Kids)”, conveying a blithe tone like we’re spending the day with Tia herself. By now, I’ve watched it over 10 times, while having a little fun pausing, replaying, and rewinding. I just wanted to catch whatever I may have missed on the last run. The shots are cinematic and the edits are rapid which makes for an infectious combination. Kudos to Bosh Nova and Terry Suave who worked behind the camera and in the editor’s room.

TiaCorine – “Dipset” (Official Music Video)

It’s clear that TiaCorine is on a path to more success and opportunities. With a huge passion for music and creativity driving her work ethic, the sky’s the limit for the Winston-Salem bred lyricist.

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