Check Out Mallory Merk’s Liberating New Single – “Thorns”

The burgeoning alt-pop singer/songwriter returns with an uplifting track, rejecting communal traditions and claiming true individuality.

“I wanted to bring people back to the music we all grew up on, to songs where the lyrics are real and raw. ‘Thorns’ is my story. And telling your story, sharing your truth-that’s the most important thing you can do as an artist.” – Mallory Merk (Photography by Juliet Wolf)

Thorns” is an inspiring statement of nonconformity. Backed by live instrumentation, Mallory Merk‘s lyrics surround the listener with authentic emotions. This track has been described as a ‘modern protest song’, even featuring stacks vocals that sound like a crowd of people collectively chanting the empowering words out to the world: “Perfections never what I stood for. Spliff hanging out the window of my two-door. Maybe the world is changing, I know I’m sick of waiting. All the things they tell ya that ya should be ‘stead of all the things you know you could be. Never listen to it. We never listen, do we?”

Mallory’s last short-length venture, the Counterparts EP, came last year in June. Listeners can expect a new compilation of sounds sometime this summer. Click on the picture below to listen to “Thorns.”

Mallory Merk / Photography by Juliet Wolf

Update: Mallory Merk released the music video for this track on Tuesday, June 28th. Watch it here.

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