Koi Puts Frustration in New EP “fed up”

“fed up” cover art

For the past few years, Koi has been one of my favorite artists in the underground scene. His lush voice complements most every beat, and if he wants to spit he is able to bar out as well- he’s versatile. Lately he has been pushing the pop influenced sound especially, Koi’s new four track EP “fed up” followed a unique rollout. Koi released each song as a single leading up to the EP’s release, which put the four songs together with the last released title track in fed up.

The best performing track thus far has by far been toast to me , though a good reason for this may be that it was the first song released from the EP. However, my personal favorite from the project was the third track “clearly“. This track felt like the most honest song in the EP and showed Koi opening up about vulnerabilities to a romantic partner and speaking “straight from the heart”. To this point in the EP, it felt like Koi was both reflective and his frustrations in life with women, money, and weed. In clearly Koi finally looks within and acknowledges his emotion, leading into the last track of the EP toast to me which seems to be Koi celebrating his newfound realizations as well as putting these new insights into action.

While this interpretation is totally subjective and just my observations, it is interesting that Koi began this EP’s rollout with toast to me and ended it with fed up. If you listen to the EP starting with song one, it sounds like chronological events. It was really interesting to see Koi possibly strategize this with his rollout plans as he has been a very song driven artist in the past.

What I mean by that is Koi has always let the music do the talking- his projects aren’t very conceptual and his rollouts are usually along the lines of “here’s the music” and his fans just love it. Bringing this newfound thought to his rollout was really exciting as an early fan of Koi’s work and something that I hope he continues to push the envelope with going forward.

I highly recommend the project especially considering that it is such an easy listen. Follow Koi on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify to stay up to date with his future content. Check out ‘fed up’ below and comment your thoughts!

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