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Mallory Merk Breaks Through With Counterparts EP

On her sophomore EP, the young pop songstress solidifies her sound, exploring a brand new period of growth and meaning.

“[I’ve been] growing up and doing most of my self-discovery through music and relationships with the universe and myself. It’s music for long drives, hot rainy nights, and getting lost. Throughout all of the tribulations, we have our impact on each other, and the counterparts that make up ourselves. The term ‘counterparts’ was my way of shining light on the little parts of the universe that exist within us.” – Mallory Merk (via Consequence Sound)

Almost half of Mallory Merk’s life has been encapsulated in a whirlwind of creativity and opportunity: teaching herself how to play guitar at the age of 12, being chosen to model for Kanye West’s Yeezy at 14, then in 2016 as a tyro she gained hype for her cover of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”. Over the next few years her transition from the world of fashion modeling to the music industry would come about organically, as she would save up money earned while modeling and place it toward studio time. At first she didn’t put the music anywhere…until she did, immediately receiving an overflow of positive feedback.

Born in Louisiana and raised in New York, her style is somewhere in between hightop Air Force 1’s and high end fashion. Mallory cites Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain as two of her biggest musical influences.

Fast forward to 2021, Mallory is now a Warner Records signee (by way of Field Trip Records) and has unleashed her most proud and polished body of work to date. On Counterparts the singer’s soothing and sultry voice hovers over a higher level of live instrumentation than utilized before, revealing her increased depth as an artist. Front to back, this 6-track project is cohesive and packed with moments that impressed me as a listener; Mallory’s down-to-earth personality shining all throughout. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything in her songwriting, speaking straight from her soul on topics that many can relate to.

Cover Art: @elinorky / @gaelcorboz / @gabrielgahesa / @other___studio / @stefanvleming

Along with the new EP came a few live performance videos of Mallory performing the first and second lead singles “Sinister” and “Just Because”

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