míra Releases Summer Vibe “April”

Hailing from Paulding County, Georgia, artist míra blesses our eardrums with his song “April“. míra (Garcia) infuses elements of folk, R&B, and rock to create a sound of his own. “April” was released alongside an Auburn Bleach, an album Garcia released this Friday 8/13/21. The best way to listen to “April” is on full blast, I have been banging this tune all day long – finding something to appreciate each listen. míra gives off a “everything’s going to be okay” vibe, with his smooth comforting vocals and introspective, and poetic lyricism. Garcia has the talent to be indie music’s next big thing. There is no reason why míra wont be able to succeed in music. With the right team, he can do it. Be on the lookout for míra 2021.

Stream “April” Below.

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