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E The Profit Is Taking Over The World – Interview

This past week I got the privilege to sit down with E The Profit and his team. And yes, for all those asking E is as cool in person as he is online. In all seriousness E is an artist with star power, and he has built an incredible team to support him. These guys have accomplished so much in the past year, it was an honor to chop it up and ask a few questions. Hope ya’ll enjoy the interview, be sure to tap in with E and his team, I’ll link E’s newest project 2 Effortless below.

2 projects deep now, nominated for xxl freshmen and headlining shows…all in such a short time. What advice would you give kids in your shoes about a year or so ago? What gems can you pass on to upcoming artist?

E: Stay consistent, continue to work. It’s super easy to manage and gage your success compared to other people, but we all move at different speeds, and we all move at our own speed for a reason. Stay away from comparisons, and understand your journey is not gonna be the same as somebody else. Stay consistent and stay with it, and eventually if it’s suppose to happen it will. 

Behind every successful artist is a well built Team, if you wanna do a run down for us?

E: I got my manager is Tanner Moeves, he’s a co-owner of Soul Serum which is a production company out of Cincinnati.

I got FatboyBrick, Mark Bricker, he’s my PR guy.

I have Rocco Roy one of my producers 

I have Coach Cam another producer, and those really the main two I work.

I got Pangeaux he’s my engineer, he’s also an artist. Rocco also makes music…but we’ll get into that later though. 

Also FloodedAP, my boy gets all the stuff for the vlogs from the shows. 

My video guys are Jordan & Ethan, they’re the main guys I go to for my visuals. 

The whole team is really based out of Kentucky and Cincinnati, real homegrown so its real dope. Everybody there cares about it and really understands their role. We’re all gonna do the best things we can to make this team work, and that’s why things are happening the way they are.

What are some goals for this Summer/the rest of the year? 

E: Keep our foot on the gas, I learned that last year when I dropped “E Is For Effortless”, I dropped a tape then disappeared for a bit. Then I came back dropped a single in like December. Now I wanna stay more consistent with it, keep on releasing music. I’m not really in a mood to take a break, so we’re gonna keep going into it. We’re hopefully going to get another tape in, if not by the summer then by the end of the year. We’re gonna keep on riding the momentum that we have and continue to grow and build cause we’re getting a lot of opportunities, and things are going pretty well right now. 

What’s a stand out moment so far, or a moment that you love to reflect back on?

E: I’m from Northern Kentucky bro, so being from there…’s not like a place you’d hear about. So to be traveling going to ATL, NY, and LA, and to be working not just be on vacation or a trip. It’s one of the most rewarding things about this so far. This gift that I have and this team that I have made all this possible, for us to leave where we’re from and go do it somewhere else…it’s fire. It’s a blessing for real. 

When you first started in school was music ever an idea for a career? What did you see yourself doing after college? 

E: When I first started college I took school way more seriously than music. I wanted to get my degree, get my job and live my life. But then I was like, bro there’s much more…so I decided I wanted to take that risk with music. Music has always been there but I’d say I took it a lot more serious after the ACL tear. That forced me to sit there and put the things going on in my life in perspective, and get my priorities straight. 

We know the teams homegrown, you’re homegrown, let’s talk about the weed they grow in Kentucky…is it good?

E: aww man, yeah it’s alright. 

Okay, so in the blunt are we putting indica or sativa? 

E: Big sativa guy, stay up.

So what goes into the process of making an E The Profit Song?

E: My process is, I want it to be as organic as possible. I really can’t pin-point how the exact process goes, I don’t typically makes things on purpose. I really try not to force it, I’ll just be listening to beats or Rocco will send a pack through, or I’ll be at his crib and we’ll be cooking up. That’s usually how it goes, it happens when it’s suppose to I guess.

Iv’e seen clips online from your shows going nuts, what’s the craziest moment from one of the shows?

E: I did a Christmas show for a radio station in Cincinnati Kiss 107, they have this Christmas party and we got to preform there and it was packed. It was over capacity by 50 people or so. But we were playing “Evergreen”, and the kids are gong insane. I saw same familiar faces in the crowd but a bunch of new ones too, gained a lot of fans from the show. It was just dope to see how into the song people were, and have people singing or trying to sing along to a song they’ve never heard before. It’s crazy. 

Last question, Dream collab/Upcoming collabs..things we should look out for?

E: I can’t pin-point the collabs right now, I don’t know. But dream collabs, for sure top 3 no order Kanye, Jay-Z, Drake. Look out for new music, like i said we’re keep our foot on the pedal, we’re gonna keep it coming. The years not done, and we’re not even close to finished yet. We’re just getting started honestly. 

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