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DJ Yung Vamp Continues to Solidify Himself as a Phonk Legend

If you were ever a fan of smoking to youtube compilation mixes around the fabled year of 2016, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve come across DJ Yung Vamp before. These youtube mixes were largely experimenting with the phonk genre for the first time as artists like DJ Yung Vamp were beginning to find and pave the way for the genre at the same time. The success of these compilation tapes, as well as people’s utter arousal from the simplistic yet addicting songs, led to Yung Vamp and the phonk genre as a whole to grow immensely.

DJ Yung Vamp’s debut album “I Need More Blood” found large success, even finding its way on vinyl for early Vamp fans (we need some new vinyl Vamp!!!). Five years later, DJ Yung Vamp has released the follow-up to this debut album in “I Need More Blood 2“.

Unlike his first few projects, this album was actually accompanied by several guest verses, notably in Thouxanbanfauni, thaHomey, Jeune Vamp, and even a funny skit by fellow phonk legend DJ Smokey. This new aspect brought an extra level of entertainment to Vamp’s albums that I am sure many fans were aware was possible, given Vamp’s popular collaboration with bbno$ in hyrule temple, however it was not overdone.

Vamp curated the album with exceptional vision so that it had the classic feel of a DJ Yung Vamp album where you can put on the first song and let the whole project play while you vibe out without worrying about a single song throwing off the vibes. Right off rip, Vamp samples an eery conversation speaking about how to kill a vampire, accompanied by rain, thunder, and other brilliant soundscapes. It feels like he is setting up a movie scene with this intro track, leading into Geeked Up Vamp Boy Imma Heal Myself as the setting for the project. Gunshots, deep bass, sex, money, drugs- that’s the vampire life and that’s the energy that this song puts forward.

I think this evolution to Yung Vamp’s projects, especially when comparing it to the first I Need More Blood, is a testament to the growth of both Vamp as an artist as well as the growth of the phonk genre as a whole.

Tracks that stood out to me from I Need More Blood 2 were Geeked Vamp Boy Imma Heal Myself, XxX, AuTumN, Bang Bang Guess What I Smoke, and Codeine Got Me Busy. But the entire project is a trip. If the phonk genre is new to you, I couldn’t recommend getting into a genre or artist more highly. Check out the legend DJ Yung Vamp and his new project I Need More Blood 2 & if you want to stay up to date with Vamp follow him on Instagram where he is most active, as well as Soundcloud where he regularly releases songs.

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