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Let Jesus Take The Wheel And Stream Worry Club’s New EP – ur not real 

A name I’ve seen a lot while scrolling socials is Worry Club, and I’m sorry to say it’s taken me this long to do my due diligence on the group. My research has yielded these findings lads, Worry Club…a Midwest based group from Chicago, that is really making music for the soul especially, with their new EP ur not real. Their new project is 6 tracks long, starting off with the cut “skate 3 speed glitch (ur not real)”. This first track I think sets the whole tone of the EP, and it has to be my favorite cut off the project. I would describe the groups sound as alternative, indie, mixed with hyper-pop, but me describing it simply doesn’t do the group justice. Each track on the EP comes with a different feel and vibe behind it, I was feeling an array of emotions as I listened through. If I had one suggestion for you this weekend, it would be to stream Worry Club’s new EP ur not real, which is conveniently located below! Till next time stay beautiful.

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