Stream Dave Amigo’s New Album “ALL STAR”

Dave Amigo has the entire underground music scene talking about his latest project “ALL STAR”. Bringing his extravagant flow and energy with each track, Dave is one of the hottest prospects coming out of Pennsylvania at the moment. His project “ALL STAR” is one of the most creative and original projects I’ve heard in a minute, from top to bottom Dave displays his versatility with mind bending bars and unmatchable energy.

In 2022, it amazes me how many artists just copy each other. I’ve said it before, music is so disposable right now. I find myself streaming a song once or twice before I’m totally sick of it. But artists like Dave Amigo are bringing something entirely new and refreshing to the game, and reigniting my interest in music. Make sure you stream “ALL STAR” below, and support Dave on his musical journey.

Sidebar, if you ever have the chance to see Dave Amigo perform live, I highly recommend it. Dude SHUTS DOWN every event he performs at! Cheers.

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