Buppy & Shy High Celebrate 4/20 With New Single – “WTDWTS”

Buppy has been on a mission all 2022! The young artist who hails from Utah, but currently resides in LA, has been all over socials trying to get his name and music out there. Personally, I think Buppy and his team are doing a tremendous job. Last we heard from Buppy, he was coming off his somewhat viral single “Cold Nights In Hollywood”. If you haven’t peeped that track already be sure to. It’s totally a late night cruising on the freeway vibe. Now, speeding us up back to current day, it’s 4/20…a day we all look forward to here at Grooverelly. What could make today even better you ask, how about Buppy & Shy High dropping I dare say it…the new 4/20 anthem!?! For real, this track new titled “WTDWTS” is so happy, fun, and nostalgic. Also this track is definitely something style wise I wasn’t expecting from Buppy, as he truly showcases what a versatile artist he is. Shy High also does his damn thing on the track. Shy literally skates over the beat like Tony Hawk, just really adding that extra spice to the song. My favorite line from the new single has to be, “hey wait what did you say? I’m a lazy fuck and I smoke all day? Oooo then I’m back on my bullshit.” I think Buppy is only going to get better & bigger with his music and marketing abilities. Be sure to check out “WTDWTS” linked below, as well as “Cold Nights In Hollywood”

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