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Recently you switched your sound up from an alternative sound to plugg could you explain what it was like making a transition like this as an artist? 

Vit6l: Really there wasn’t really a big transition. I started with alternative. It’s easy to me to make tracks like that and I still do from time to time but really I wanted to make something new that people haven’t heard yet.

Who are some other artists in your genre you’d like to work with? 

Vit6l: Really bro I want to work with artists but I’m not worried about a rapper right now. But I wanna work w summrs and autumn!

Out of all the music you’ve dropped recently what’s some of your favorites? 

Vit6l: definitely “How it used 2 be” or this one I’m bout to drop “next 2 me”.

Recently on “how it used 2 be” you thanked your girl for her love. What’s it like having a ride or die like that? 

Vit6l: That’s my better half that’s how it gotta be. She ride harder for me than I ride for myself sometimes. I swear.

What other drops are you expecting soon? What should the fans get ready for? 

Vit6l: I got a lot planned right now. I’m focusing on staying consistent and flooding the audience with dope content but the next drop is “next 2 me” on April 25th.

Your growth as an artist has been insane lately. What are some things you’ve been doing from a marketing perspective lately?

Vit6l: Just staying consistent and truly connecting with people. Your network is your net worth. If you want to do this shit youre gunna do this shit. It all comes down to how devoted you are to your own agenda. People won’t believe in you til you believe in you.

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