Gao the Arsonist and NotNevi link for long-anticipated song, BOONDOCK

Gao the Arsonist and NotNevi have been overlooked by the mainstream music industry over the past few months, specifically with their promotion and rollout of the newly released, BOONDOCK. Gaining over THREE THOUSAND pre-saves organically through the artists growingly cult-like fanbases that grow faster and faster by the month. The track was released on SoundCloud early for the fans who could not wait for the track to reach 3k pre-saves to release on all platforms. The track has amassed over 65k streams on SoundCloud alone in just 10 days, and was finally released onto all streaming platforms last night.

With a catchy, glitch-core-like (right?) chorus from Nevi, and an incredible bridging verse where Gao does what he does consistently: rap his ass off with lyricism that you just don’t hear in the underground. The latter of the track features more chaotic sounds and synths entering the scene, raising the energy into a chilling “SET ME FREE SET ME FREE SET ME FREE” outro as the beat rages into a halt.


Gao the Arsonist and NotNevi plotting on their next diabolical boonk.

Don’t be surprised if you see either of these artists all over the place for the rest of 2022. They both have everything that it takes to continue independently cultivating a dedicated fanbase that is inclusive, giving room to grow always. It has been exciting to see Gao rise and I am looking forward to keeping tabs on NotNevi going forward as well. Congrats to both on the successful release. Listen to it below and comment what you think!

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