XLHC, fat’se, & thislandis Link for a Midwest Emo Inspired Banger

Emo heavyweight artists fat’se and Extra Large Holiday Card of Hot Mulligan acclaim linked with famed Drippin So Pretty producer thislandis to create the midwest emo banger ‘hearteyes.’ This is the first artistic link up XLHC and fat’se and it does not disappoint. Gritty emo punk vocals sprinkled with glitchy and pitched-shifted vocals is exactly what I want to hear from artists experimenting with the hyperpop and glitchcore genre(take XLHC’s recent song with Kennedyxoxo & noahmadethiss as a prime example).

The hook is catchy, easy to listen to, and utilizes the traditional emo vocal delivery that has become a staple of the genre and its sub-sets. The verse takes that some droll, incorporates a more aggressive delivery and becomes even bouncier in flow, creating a great contrast between the A and B section. What really sets ‘hearteyes’ apart from any other midwest emo song is the incredible post production effects on the vocals; while it is something that is becoming more common in this scene thanks in part to the success of acts like yards4le and other hyperpop artists, it is great to see these artists take inspirations from these neighboring genres and make them their own. You also cannot talk about this song without talking about the production from thislandis, someone who normally focuses on the emo scene and really flexed his production muscles with with this beat; featuring gritty 808s, analog sounding drum, and nostalgic/melancholic guitar that are simple when isolated, but come together to create a homogenous sound that I want to listen to over and over again.

‘Hearteyes’ from Extra Large Holiday Card, fat’se, and thislandis is available now for purchase and streaming on all platforms.

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